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Leonard Bernstein
Joseph Haydn
Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)
Symphony No. 3 in D minor
Ernest Chausson (1855-1899)
Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
Charles-Marie Widor (1844-1937)
Richard Strauss
choral works
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Michael Gläser · conductor
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COV 41213

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Iwona Sobotka · soprano | Christa Mayer · alto | Dominik Wortig · tenor | Konrad Jarnot · baritone
Rundfunkchor Berlin · *Staats- und Domchor Berlin
Nicolas Fink assistance, co-conducting
Kai-Uwe Jirka chorus master of Staats- und Domchor(s) Berlin


Richard Strauss had showed his enthusiasm for ancient Greece always in his musical expression - particularly in his operas and choral works he set ancient Greece texts to music. His own accounts reveal, however, that the self-proclaimed “Greek German” saw both Greco-Roman and Eastern antiquity more from the perspective of German idealism, in other words, that of Goethe, Schiller, Rückert, Winckelmann, Hegel, and Humboldt: adaptations of the 19th Century.
Regardless of the texts, compositions such as the Zwei Gesänge [Two Songs] op. 34 (1897) and the Deutsche Motette [German Motet] op. 62 (1913) are of such stylistic complexity that it is essential to read the scores in order to find one’s way in the dizzying constructions or even begin to appreciate the dimensions of their fugues and the tremendous contrapuntal concentration that confronts the chorus with challenges of almost insurmountable proportions, and that might be the reason that Strauss’ choral works were never widely distributed.
On this recording the multi award-winning Berlin Radio Choir - under Manfred Gläser and accompanied by the State and Berlin Cathedral Choir – sings Strauss’ Choral Works with immaculate finesse.


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Track List

Richard Strauss (1864 - 1949)

1. German motet op. 62/TrV 230 (1913) 18:07
  on words by Friedrich Rückert  
  For four soloists and 16-part mixed chorus  
Three Men's Choruses on poems by Friedrich Rückert TrV 270 (1935)  
2. At the Doors 4:43
3. Dreamlight 4:50
4. Joyful in May 3:31
5. Through Loneliness TrV 273 (1938)  
  on words by Anton Wildgans  
  For male chorus  
6. To the Tree Daphne TrV 272a (1943)* 17:37
  on words by Joseph Gregor  
  For nine-part mixed chorus  
Two songs for 16-part mixed chorus op. 34/TrV 182 (1897)  
7. Anthem (Friedrich Rückert) 12:06
8. Evening (Friedrich Schiller) 12:30
  total time 77:25
  *Staats- und Domchor Berlin & Sabine Puhlmann solo soprano  

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