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Jacques Duphly
works for harpsichord
Carl Friedrich Abel
2nd Pembroke Collection
for Carl Theodor (1724-1799)
Money Power(s) Music
Music for the Fugger family
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bFive Recorder Consort
Johannes Weiss · tenor
Medium Bild
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COV 21105

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  Markus Bartholomé

  Katelijne Lanneau

  Thomas List

  Mina Voet

  Silja-Maaria Schütt

Charming dances and elaborate polyphony, melancholy songs and virtuosic instrumental settings - the Fuggers collected everything there was to be heard during the 16th century by Alamire, Senfl, Appenzeller, Neusidler, Desprez a.o..

"B-Five plays with verve, imagination and a wealth of seemingly improvised ornamentation... I was amazed and delighted again and again throughout this disc with the wonderful wealth of textures and moods B-Five's players made with their instruments."
(International Record Review)

"The tuning and articulation are very precise, and the ensemble plays with great beauty of tone. The ornamentation is stylish and at times virtuosic, but never anything other than an enhancement, and the variety of instrument combinations used provides frequent contrast."
(Fiona Smith, The Recorder Magazine)

"This disc is highly entertaining, thanks to both music and performance."
(Johan van Veen, MusicWeb-International)

"enthusiastically recommended"
(James A. Altena, Fanfare Magazine)

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Track List

 1. Petrus Alamire Tanndernac VienNB Mus. 18810 2:19
  (ca. 1470-1536)   CopKB 1872  
 2. Ludwig Senfl Die prünlein die da fliessen VienNB Mus. 18810 5:25
  (ca. 1468-1542/43)      
 3. Benedictus Appenzeller Je my levay ung matin VienNB Mus. 18746 1:07
  (ca. 1480-88 – after 1558)      
 4. Anonymous Doise espoier VienNB Mus. 18746 2:20
 5. Anonymous On a mal dit de mon amy VienNB Mus. 18746 2:44
  Anonymous Pro chasser fait VienNB Mus. 18746  
 6. Anonymous Qui vult aymere, il faut estre joieux VienNB Mus. 18746 1:01
 7. Anonymous Tanz – Nachtanz (Nr. 122) Hess 1555a 2:53
 8. Anonymous Tanz (Nr. 93) [König Ferdinandus tantz] Hess 1555a 1:32
 9. Hans Neusidler Gassenhauer Neusidler 1536 2:43
  (ca. 1508/09-1563)      
10. Anonymous Douleur me bat super O vos omnes VienNB Mus. 18746 1:54
11. Noel Bauldeweyn Ach got wem sol ichs clagen VienNB Mus. 18810 5:28
  (ca. 1480-1530)   VienNB Mus. 18746  
      CopKB 1872  
12. Antoine Brumel Lamentatio: Languentis miseris / VienNB Mus. 18746 3:56
  (ca. 1460-1512/13) clamor meus ad te veniat    
13. Josquin Desprez Douleur me bat VienNB Mus. 18746 3:02
  (ca. 1450-1521)      
14. Anonymous Tanz – Nachtanz (Nr. 137) Hess 1555a 4:03
  Anonymous Tanz – Nachtanz (Nr. 94) [La rote de rode] Hess 1555a  
  Anonymous Tanz – Nachtanz (Nr. 153) Hess 1555a  
15. Jean Richafort D ́amour je suis VienNB Mus. 18746 1:01
  (ca. 1480–1547)      
16. Antoine Brumel Tandernac VienNB Mus. 18810 2:46
  (ca. 1460-1512/13)      
17. Anonymous La sol mi fa mi (Cantus de anglia) VienNB Mus. 18746 2:44
18. Paul von Hofhaimer Fro bin ich dein VienNB Mus. 18810 3:07
19. Heinrich Finck Greiner zanner VienNB Mus. 18810 1:39
  (ca. 1444/45–1527)      
20. Paul von Hofhaimer Greiner zanner Rhau 1542 1:15
21. Anonymous Gagliarda/Saltarello (Nr. 76) Hess 1555b 0:49
22. Anonymous Tanz (Nr. 86) [Kyng Harry the VIIIth Pavyn] Hess 1555b 1:42
23. Anonymous Pavane (Nr. 132) Hess 1555b 2:44
24. Anonymous Gaillarde 1 – Gaillarde 2 (Nr. 132) Hess 1555b 1:08
      total time: 59:34

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